Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Eyelash Extensions

Model applying Magic Black Coating Mascara


Every woman around the world likes to enjoy the beauty of eyelash extensions for longer periods. These extensions are the choices of every woman due to their benefits. However, you have to do a few things to extend the lifespan of eyelash extensions to enjoy those benefits completely. I’m presenting these tips to help every woman know about the problems in retaining the eyelashes as well as the ways to get rid of those bad habits.

Best Eyelash Extension Tips

The best tips to extend the lifespan of eyelash extensions are as follows:

Wash Lashes Daily

Pollution has taken over this world due to the advancements in technology and an increase in the population. That is why dust and dirt particles are everywhere which affects human life. Lashes collect water, dust, and oil throughout the day that is never good for their health. These particles clump together the lashes. Additionally, they crisscross and become very difficult to tackle. That is why it is very important to wash your lashes daily to avoid all such troubles happening.

The selection of lash-cleanser is another step in this cleaning phase.Choose a cleanser that is specifically created for eyelash extension. Lash foam can be a great option to get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, germs, and other particles. The lash foam also removes the makeup residue on your lashes by passing through eyelashes with the help of fine foaming formula. By ensuring proper washing and cleaning eyelash pollutants, your eyelashes extensions last longer than normal.


After ensuring proper cleaning and washing of your eyelashes extensions, the next step is to avoid oil-based products. Oil is not good for lashes so always make sure that your eye make-up remover and cleanser are free from any oil. Mascara is not a good option. So, try to avoid its use. Heavy eyeliner is also not recommended. However, select the oil-free product if you use either of the above-mentioned items. In this way, you can extend the lifespan of eyelash extensions.

Here is great news for you. We are here to carry Magic Black Coating Mascara, an approved lash extension. For the special night out, we carry the Magic Coating Mascara, mascara made for lash extension users. It creates depth, thickness, and intensity to your existing lash extensions creating more glamour and dram without weighing it down. It not only extends the lifespanof your eyelash extension but also protects the adhesive against oil, dust, and moisture. Isn’t it great?

Sleeping Positions

It has been noticed that many people sleep on their sides. There is not much problem if it is done without attaching face fully with the pillow. However, many girls just attach their face to the pillow on one side only. In this way, the eyelash extensions do get rubbed against the pillow while you sleep on one side. As a result, these extensions fall off quickly. The recommended sleeping style for Lash Extensions wearers would be on their back. This is a very important tip to extend the lifespan of your lashes.

The messy eyelash on one side is also due to the same reason. So, what to do now? The solution is quite simple. Sleep straight on your back instead of on one side for the whole night. In this way, you can avoid face contact with the pillow and enjoy eyelash extensions for a longer time.

If you have a habit of going to the side unintentionally during sleep, you can position the pillows around yourself. In this way, the pillows will support you to prevent rolling on to your side. Additionally, you can utilize a Silk Pillowcase to save your eyelash extensions and extend their lifespan.

Lash Serum

If you want to nurture and nourish your eyelashes, a strengthening lash serum is the way to go. The lash serum makes your lashes strong and strengthening. The good news is that our lash strengthening serum BL MD Advanced which is perfectly suitable for eyelash extensionsfor every woman. This is a new formula that makes possible quick lash growth by a combination of a higher concentration of peptides and nourishing ingredients. In this way, you can even get back the most damaged eyelash extensions.

The most advanced techniques of the cosmetic industry are used in the creation of Blink/BL MD Advanced. This unique formula aids in the creation of longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. Most importantly, you can see the results within 3 weeks. So, it is a perfect addition to your Blink retail product.

Brush Your Lashes Daily

If you want your lashes to be lost longer, it is very important to brush your lashes daily. It has been noticed that lashes get crossed over, bent, and tangled. So, brushing your lashes keeps them in the right order and avoids such problems. By protecting your lashes from such challenges, you can certainly extend the lifespan of eyelash extensions.

Use Water-Based Make-Up Remover

As stated earlier, oil-based removers are not good for your lashes as they weaken the extensions and cause them to break. Misceller water is a good choice for your lashes. Water-based makeup removers don’t harm your eyelash extensions.

Cotton snags and rips the lashes out. So never use cotton on or around your lash extensions. Hence, remove the product with the help of tissue after brushing through with the makeup remover.

Final Words

Eyelash extensions have become one of the most important considerations for women in the beauty industry. In this article, I tried to provide you with the problems your eyelash extensions face throughout their lives. I also presented the best tips and ways to get rid of those problems by changing your products, living style, and habits.

Washing your lashes daily, using oil-free cleansers, improving your sleeping positions, brushing your lashes daily, using water-based makeup remover, and using lash serum are some of the most important tips for every woman to follow. I am sure this article will be helpful for every woman to extend the lifespan of eyelash extensions.