We do Eyelash Extensions

At The Wink Bar, we are committed to making you look more gorgeous than before you came in. 

At TWB, we do not limit our clients to the number of lash strands but rather at achieving our client’s desired look. We handle clients from all walks of life with different personalities & lifestyles. At TWB, we do not discriminate gender or race.

You could be the student who prefers a classic natural look or the active mom who is looking for a more polished everyday look.  Whatever your desired look is, we are here to be of service.

At TWB, we also cater to the high flying cabin crew, the divas as well as the professionals. We believe there is a look for every individual. 

At the Wink Bar, we pay special attention to your lifestyle as well as special events that will be coming up in your life. We value all our clients and believes that each individual is unique. Our thorough consultations involve a look at your eye shape as well as the health of your natural lashes. We will then recommend the eyelash extension style that will best compliment your lifestyle and your eye shape.

All the products we use are European or Korean based. We use quality premium hand made lashes for the best outcome for our clients. Our eyelash adhesives are FDA- approved, latex-free, vegan & cruelty-free, low fumes and low irritation.

To ensure the best environment for your new eyelash extensions, we provide the following services complimentary at every visit;

  • Deep cleansing lash spa . A thorough procedure that aids in the removal of any oil, dirt, grime and cosmetic build-up. Our TWB Oil Free cleanser is made from Natural Ingredients and does NOT contain oil, glycerine, glycerol, artificial colour, ethanol, parabens, synthetic or added fragrances. This will assist in better retention of your hand made volume & classic eyelashes.
  • A hydrating eye mask to relieve dark & fatigue under eyes while your enjoy your lash extension nap.
  • A complimentary aftercare eyelash wand made exclusively for you to care for your eyelash extensions. Brushing your eyelash extensions regularly will keep them well defined. Brushing will also dislodge any dirt and ensure that your lash extensions retain a longer lifespan.


, Services, Volume, lightweight & personalized eyelash extensions services.

Classic Jane Lash : $45 

An eyelash extension look that is great for everyone. This is also a good option for those new to eyelash extensions. Classic eyelash or commonly known as 1D lash is a procedure whereby a single eyelash extension varying in thickness and length will be meticulously applied on each individual natural eyelash. This creates a lengthening mascara effect without the smudge.

Barbie bella

Barbie Bella Lash : $55

This eyelash extension set is the most popular at The Wink Bar.  It is a good option for those who are looking for a little more volume. A wearable look for both the office ladies and school, this eyelash extension look comprises of a combination of eyelash fans ranging from 2D, 3D well as 4D mink lashes to create this volume eyelash look.  Ideal for those seeking a little more dramatic look.

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Volume Marilyn Lash :  $65

This eyelash set creates a defined and dark lash line, mimicking an eyeliner effect. It combines a variety of 5D all the way to 7D  eyelash extensions fans to each individual natural lash. The intense look that is both alluring & glamour, it is also a perfect option for special events like parties, weddings or even birthday parties.

, Services, Volume, lightweight & personalized eyelash extensions services.

Mega Beyonce Lashes : $75

Lashes that are the talk of the town. This eyelash extension look is not for the faint of hearts. It’s for those seeking the bold & daring look. These over-the-top lashes are perfect for the Diva in you. Our volume lashes involve hand made fans of 8 mink lashes and up to suit your desired look and condition of your natural lash.