History of Eyelash Extensions Industry

Eyelash extensions history

Much of modern fashion industry has a long and interesting history. Makeup, hair care, and beauty enhancements go back a long time and have been playing a crucial role in human society far longer than most people think. The history of eyelash extensions and eyelash services is especially interesting and dates back further than most of the other beauty products.

Thick, luscious lashes have long been associated with beauty and attractiveness. Female sensuality and a sense of mystery were bolstered using enhanced eyelashes. But it wasn’t until the late 1800s that artificial eyelashes as we know them today got their humble beginnings. Let us remember how the industry of eyelash extension began, who the first masters were, and what tools did they use in their work. The first known mention of eyelash enhancements is from 1879 when a person named James D. McCabe wrote “The National Encyclopaedia of Business and Social Forms”. In a section called “Laws of Etiquette”, he suggested that women should trim their lashes so that they could grow back thicker.

Evolution of Eyelash Industry in 20th Century

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As 20th century arrived, hair stylists and inventors in United Kingdom started patenting their methods to make artificial eyelashes. In 1916, director D. W. Griffith made use of artificial eyelashes for the first time in a movie. Those eyelashes were original human hair woven together with the help of an exceptionally fine gauze material. With the passage of time the techniques to manufacture eyelashes started improving and this trend got popular in public.

Around 1950s techniques really improved a lot. Initially, fringe was used which was uncomfortable. But around this time, makeup artists started using cilia. These new methods allowed the customer to use eyelashes for a longer period. Synthetic eyelashes were now produced with a much more natural look. In those days, eyelashes bunch were used to thicken specific areas of eyelashes.

In the 1960s, various new materials were tested for manufacturing eyelashes and this made them affordable for all. Before this, it was considered a luxury that only celebrities or movie stars could enjoy. Manufacturers started using several types of hair for production. They used mink, sable, seal or human hair. These eyelashes made from natural hair were usually not cheap. Cheaper eyelashes were manufactured using synthetic and artificial materials such as plastic. These lashes were affordable due to availability of raw materials.

Models and actresses used to wear these eyelashes on both their top and bottom lids to have a glamorous look. This was the era of daring and bold makeup styles. Artificial eyelashes used in these years were dramatically lengthy. Unlike before, they were now used for the lower lids as well. Supermodel Twiggy became famous for this iconic style of highlighted lower lashes. She had doll-like eyes and was popular among people.

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Just like every other trend, artificial eyelashes also came in and went out of fashion a few times. In the 1970s and 1980s, synthetic eyelashes were not often used, and people started focussing more on the eye makeup itself and not having artificial eyelashes.

After that, in the 1990s, this product made a comeback in the beauty market. Popular models started wearing them and, in few years, it became a multimillion-dollar industry. People started to realize that wearing eyelashes not only uplifts your looks but also has several benefits as well. International manufacturing started and people around the globe started to consider this as one of the major fashion industries. Drugstores, high-end department stores and online retailers started marketing and vending eyelashes from different manufacturers. Within no time, hundreds of different companies and manufacturers started pouring big money into this industry.

Modern Revolutions Of Eyelash Extensions Styles

East Asian countries had always been a huge market for this industry. With continuous research and development, new techniques and processes were consistently discovered and invented. In starting years of the 21st century, semi-permanent eyelash extensions were invented in South Korea and Japan. This was a safe solution for strip lash wearers to have their lashes last longer. These extensions came to UK, US and other countries few years later.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions uplift your natural eyelashes and do not peel off quickly. After this innovation, eyelash addicts everywhere were thankful. They loved the ease that came with it. You wake up with your eyelashes looking perfect. Although, unlike false eyelashes, they cannot be applied at home and you need a professional for this. These eyelash extensions are the outcome of years and decades of research, improvements and progress in eyelash industry. This industry has progressed with innovation, giving even more options for those who want perfect curls with minimal maintenance efforts. Having eyelash extensions is now the best, most innovative method in the beauty industry for long eyelashes.

With continuously growing eyelash industry, we do not only see new types of curls and innovative materials but also a lot of side products as well. These products include eyelash growth serums, cleansers, conditioners and many more.

Future of Eyelash Extensions

In the past years we have seen an extensive growth of this industry, but the question is that will this booming trend continue over the coming years? Researchers and analysts have predicted that it will. Research reports offer encouraging statistics about the rate at which the industry is growing. Everyday number of women walk into beauty salons around the world for their eyelash extension appointments.

Eyelashes Extensions Mink Volume Classic Kim-K falsies striplash, History of Eyelash Extensions Industry, Volume, lightweight & personalized eyelash extensions services.

One of the points that have always pinched customers and manufacturers is the allergic nature of these eyelashes. The next massive innovation in this industry will be eyelashes for clients with allergies or sensitive skin. There are many women who would love to wear eyelash extensions but cannot because of allergies or sensitivities, so products that take this point into account would allow the industry to grow exponentially. Those who could not wear lashes will have every reason to try them. According to a volume extensionist, “In future, we will be seeing longer, lighter eyelashes and softer synthetic fibres, but without sacrificing the thickness that lash artists and especially clients want. Lash artists will start blending even more curls in ways you might not expect, for greater texture and creativity”.

As you have read, eyelash industry has an interesting history and promises to have an even more interesting future. New techniques are developed, and old ones are enhanced and upgraded. This industry has come a long way. It started with very primitive designs and simple styles but with steady growth we have now achieved lightweight and stylish eyelashes with a variety of materials, curls, and manufacturers. Eyelash industry is a significant branch of fashion and style industry and it continues to evolve and grow in popularity and acceptance.