Guide to Choosing Eyelash Extensions

, Guide to Choosing Eyelash Extensions, Volume, lightweight & personalized eyelash extensions services.

Most of us are tired of investing energy and time each day in putting on mascara? Do you wish you could simply wake up with long, thick and perfect lashes without doing a thing? Welcome to the club. Eyelash extensions not only relieve you from a tiring makeup routine but also have other benefits too. Most of us weren’t brought into the world with long, dark & luscious lashes. What’s more, all of us know how troublesome it can be to apply mascara, regardless of how much you have practised.

Fortunately, there is a solution out there to save your time and money and that solution is eyelash extensions. With these extensions you can have perfect eyelashes without having to go through the extensive routine of eye makeup, you can just give them a quick brush and you’re ready to go.

Selecting the perfect lash extension for yourself is not easy when there is a wide variety out in the market. You can have an eyelash extension appointment scheduled and it is not easy to make a decision when there are so many variety of new styles. Many eyelash wearers are easily influenced by the latest eyelash extension trends without considering the ideal look and style for their eye shape. However, at The Wink Bar, we offer free consultation to ensure that you achieve the best look according to your eye shape using only the best quality products.

There are several considerations we will be looking into for choosing the extensions that you need. We will consider the proper extensions’ material, the type of curl that you want, what type of extensions will suit your eyes’ shape and what style do you want your lashes in? Let us look at all these aspects separately.

Choosing a Lash Extension Material

When it comes to selecting the material for your eyelash extensions you have a wide variety available but we’re going to scratch the surface here and discuss the four more commonly used materials.


, Guide to Choosing Eyelash Extensions, Volume, lightweight & personalized eyelash extensions services.

Mink is the most popular eyelash extension material. Mink lashes are very different from synthetic lashes. Mink have long and thin figures, small limbs, pointy noses and claws. Their fur is highly valued.

Mink lashes are generally more lightweight, comfortable and super easy to apply. They mimic the look of your own lashes. If you want a subtler look then mink can be a good choice.

They do come with a big price tag. Also, unlike synthetic extensions, they will not maintain their curl so you’ll have to re curl them yourself every now and then.


Unlike mink, silk lash extensions are very heavy and rigid. They are far more thicker than the other available extensions. If you are selecting eyelashes for a particular occasion such as a wedding then these lashes can be a good choice because you want a more thicker and obvious look. They’re not as costly as mink lashes are but they are less comfortable due to their thickness and weight.


Cashmere lash extensions are the newest trend in the eyelash extension industry. It is upto 60% lighter but they look just as lush and thick as classic extensions. Due to less weight they are more easy to put on for the whole day and don’t strain your eyelids as much as silk ones do.

These extension are generally longer lasting due to their synthetic nature. They are thinner and more flexible to touch. Despite their delicate texture, their retention is twice as strong.

PBT Mink

This is a synthetic alternative to mink. PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is an engineered thermoplastic. It has a high molecular weight and is stronger than natural mink.

They are just as flexible but resistant to damage. PBT Mink does not lose its curl unlike regular mink and is least likely material to cause any allergic reaction to the user’s skin. It has become the most widely used material for eyelashes due to its flexible nature. It lasts longer than natural mink and is soft to touch. Due to its high bonding power PBT Mink keeps its curl and is thus usually preferred over other materials.

Different Types of Curls

Now that we have seen what are the commonly used materials for eyelash extensions are, the next step is to choose the type of curl that you want.

You want to select the curl type that will suit your natural look and enhance your features. There are multiple factors to take into account. There are many lash curls and even hybrids of curls available.


C-curl is the most popular and most commonly used curl. It is relatively more common because it can create an open eye effect without looking too drastic. It has a medium amount of curl and is neither too curly nor too straight.


D-curl is gaining popularity day by day. Now the modern trend is to have more lift and more visible lash lines.

, Guide to Choosing Eyelash Extensions, Volume, lightweight & personalized eyelash extensions services.

It’s a dramatic curl with more curl amount as compared to a C-curl.


CC-curl lashes are more curled than a C-curl but less curled than a D-curl. It is like a C-curl but with a more dramatic flair.


L-curl lashes look like an “L” and also provide a lift to lash line. This curl is created to give you a beautiful, soft lash lift. It has a straight base that softly curls at the middle of the extension.


It is a relatively new curl. It has a soft bend at the base. It slowly reaches to a soft bend and then lifting up and away from the eye. It usually suits deep eyes.


This is one of the latest curls in the market. It gives you a natural cross effect. For every applied lash, this curl gives the appearance of applying 2 lashes instead of one.

Types of Eyes

Now that we’ve discussed different kinds of products available for you to select from, allow us to consider the natural design and shape of your eyes to choose which variant of the lashes will suit you perfectly.

Almond Shaped

Almond shaped eyes have a smaller eyelid and are more in width than they are round. They taper to a degree by the tear duct and the outer corner of eye. The outer part of the cornea is usually hidden under the top and bottom lids. With this shape you can get away with almost any lash you prefer. Lashes that are evenly distributed along the band would be perfect.

, Guide to Choosing Eyelash Extensions, Volume, lightweight & personalized eyelash extensions services.


These eyes have a minor plummeting on the outer corners. It is one of the six most common and typical eye shapes. This shape makes your upper lid look much larger than your bottom lid. Extensions with a spiky look are ideal for giving a lift to downturned eyes.


These are large eyes and the white area around the iris is visible. Wispy lashes with more drama towards the outer corner will create a sensual look with round eyes. You can choose the curl type you think suits you best.


They create the look of projected lids in the eye socket area. If you’ve got such eyes you’ll be able to easily create plenty of gorgeous looks with eyelashes. You ought to select lashes that are natural looking in order to have a subtler look.


In this shape, no crease on your eyelid is visible. If you’ve got these eyes, you’ll go for fluttery lashes with crisscross layers that open up the eyes.

You can also select shorter, less dramatic lashes. You basically need a bigger curl to provide more height to the eyes.

Extension Styles

Other than just choosing the kind of curl or the composition of the lashes you can also modify the way these lashes are applied in order to uplift your natural look in the best way possible.

Cat Eye

This style uses the longest lashes in the outer corners of the eyes to make your eyes look exotically shaped.

If you’ve got strong outer lashes and round eyes, then this style will provide you with eyes that appear to extend outwards. This can make your eyes look wider.

Open Eye

This style highlights the middle of the eyes by adding volume and length toward the middle of the eyelid. The quantity and length then taper down and gradually lighten at each end.

Doll Eye

This style focuses on longer lashes in the middle area of your eyes too. This style works good with almost any shape of eyes, but they’re ideal for downturned eyes. This style makes your eyes look more open and exposed.

Kim K

This style uses a handcrafted fringe. It gives a more natural look which might be customized depending on how thick you would like it and how you want each lash laid out. This style is full volume on top and at the bottom. This signature style can be replicated by changing how you apply mascara, your curler and other lash product.

, Guide to Choosing Eyelash Extensions, Volume, lightweight & personalized eyelash extensions services.

Now once you’ve selected everything and is sure of what you want then comes the step to actually apply the lashes. Applying lashes is an art and you need an artist to do this for you. Due to the sensitive nature of the lashes and also the area around it, finding someone who is certified to apply the lashes and is a professional is certainly required. Experts have access to quality products and are specially trained to perform their task. Selecting an expert for this will remove any chances of damaging your natural lashes or more importantly, your eyes. Just like you would research the product you want, research who you want to go to as well and how long they have been working in this field. Look at before-and-after photos, read testimonies, reviews and always ensure that they’re licensed.